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Life in Pro Hockey with Rob Schremp (Fifth Entry)

Note: Periodically throughout the season, Oilers’ prospect and current Springfield Falcons’ winger Rob Schremp will provide Illegal Curve readers with a unique insight into the world of professional hockey.

For Rob’s fifth entry, Rob has agreed to answer some questions about his team heading into the final few games of the AHL season.

Here is the interview:

Illegal Curve: With the big club (Edmonton Oilers) playing a run-and-gun style and succeeding, how much of that has filtered down to Springfield?

Rob: I don’t think it really has. We play more of a chip-and-chase style down here.

Illegal Curve: Give us your impressions of Slava Truknho, who has been playing on your line recently.

Rob: Slava is awesome. He has great vision and is really strong on the puck; so all you really have to do is get open, and he finds you.

Illegal Curve: Going into this off-season, how are you going to prepare yourself for Oilers training camp?

Rob: This summer will be a lot better than last summer. That’s because I will have the whole summer to train; whereas last summer I did not get to train until late July because of my knee injury.

Illegal Curve: The Falcons are in tight to make the playoffs. Do you foresee a late season push that will see you secure a spot?

Rob: We have a good young team, so I think this last push will be good for us for preparing for the post-season. Basically every game from now on will be like a playoff game because we need to win these games.

Illegal Curve: As an offensive player, who has impressed you the most out of Springfield’s defensemen?

Rob: T.J. Kemp has been our best offensive defenseman this season.

Thanks, Rob.

For Illegal Curve, I’m Richard Pollock.

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