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Letter from Winnipeg Jets President & COO John Olfert to fans

Does this resonate with you?

The Jets organization sent out a letter this afternoon to fans on behalf of President & COO John Olfert. It reads as follows:

On behalf of the Winnipeg Jets Hockey Club and True North Sports + Entertainment, I would like to express sincere appreciation and gratitude for your loyal support of our Winnipeg Jets during the 2022-23 season.

True North’s purpose is to be relentless in our pursuit of providing a superior fan experience, developing championship calibre hockey teams, nurturing our employee team, and collectively making a meaningful and consistent contribution to our community (True North Purpose). These priorities are what drive our ownership, 300 full-time (plus 900+ part-time) employees, and other stakeholders who expend tremendous care, effort, and commitment to operating a Winnipeg Jets season.

But it is the fans who turn hockey games at Canada Life Centre into events, and who transform an NHL playoff game into a Winnipeg Whiteout – with all the fun and excitement that these games bring.

Despite an exceptional start to the season and qualifying for post-season play – we share in the disappointment by not advancing further, as it is an organizational goal to win a Stanley Cup for our city and province.

In response, we offer no excuses or rationalizing comments – but instead embrace the resilience our community is known for, and continue our collective efforts to improve for the future. Looking ahead:

We are excited by the $13 million renovation, already underway, to improve service offerings, the north concourse and Wi-Fi for all fans at Canada Life Centre;

We value the tireless efforts of our hockey management and scouts, as they prepare for the NHL Scouting Combine, the NHL Draft, and the necessary work required to develop championship calibre teams; and

Our organization remains focused on sales efforts within the framework of our Forever Winnipeg ticket sales campaign.

Forever Winnipeg, is not just a tagline, but rather a declaration of unrelenting efforts to ensure that our NHL franchise thrives in perpetuity. It is your emotional and financial investment with our team that provides the energy in our venues, and the fuel that makes the economic engine of True North and the Winnipeg Jets go. For this we are grateful.

The organization tried to launch a marketing campaign to increase season ticket sales which fell flat with many fans. Additionally the end of season media availabilities also left some fans feeling a disconnect.

Does this resonate with you?