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Let’s not annoint the Penguins as the next dynasty just yet

Red Fisher: “Crosby and Malkin are the engines that make the Penguins run, but the days of dynasties are over. In a 30-team NHL, it’s difficult to win once. Two in a row is a lot harder. (See Tampa Bay Lightning and Carolina Hurricanes.) In these post-lockout salary-cap years, when players can become unrestricted free agents in their 20s, winning three or four in a row is impossible.”

Here is the full article from the Montreal Gazette.

First off, there is nothing more enjoyable than a weekend Red Fisher article. His articles make you think and that’s great in today’s media world. As for his points in this article, I agree with him to an extent. Of course it is difficult to win in this post-lockout world–especially consistently. Nonetheless, with the Penguins’ core, I can see this team winning three in a row if the chips fall the right way and the Penguins’ supporting cast is up to par. Regardless, this article makes for some good water cooler discussion.