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Least Desirable Free Agent Destinations

Puck Daddy has compiled a list of the least desirable free-agent destinations. One of the surprises on the list is Los Angeles, but blogger Greg Wyshynski doesn’t expect them to stay there long.

10. Los Angeles Kings: They make this list due to the fact that the Kings had no significant free-agent signings this off-season (yet), despite having roughly eleventy-seventy gajillion dollars in cap space. That said, they were attractive enough last year to lure Tom Preissing, Brad Stuart, Michal Handzus, Ladislav Nagy and Kyle Calder to Hollywood. A reversal of fortune in the standings, and the maturation of some of their young stars, will get the Kings off this list faster than a puck through Cloutier’s five-hole.

It seems to me that most of the teams found on this list can make themselves desirable by building through the draft and trades and becoming a winner. After all, Detroit isn’t the most scenic city in the US and it doesn’t have any trouble landing big names. The fact is, most players want to win, and they will go where they have the best chance of doing so.