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Toronto Maple Leafs

Leafs want to get rid of McCabe

From Mark Zwolinski of the Toronto Star:

Bryan McCabe is all but done as a Maple Leaf.

The only question remaining is the method by which the organization will cut ties with the veteran defenceman.

The Leafs have been working for almost a month on convincing McCabe to soften his stance on the no-trade, no-movement clause in his contract – with no success.

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I don’t know why the Leafs are so adament about getting rid of McCabe so soon. Sure he has a massive contract, but he is still a very productive NHL defenseman; with a good season he can up his trade value. The team should continue to look at trade options, but a buyout should not be an option (which as of now it isn’t). McCabe will eventually get sick of the media attention and losing and want out.