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Calgary Flames

Leafs acquire second round pick from Flames

From the Globe & Mail:

The Toronto Maple Leafs have acquired Wayne Primeau from the Calgary Flames for defenceman Anton Stralman and forward Colin Stuart, the teams announced Monday.

The Leafs will also receive a second-round draft pick in 2011 while Calgary will take a seventh-round pick in 2012.

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I have to say that I do not totally understand this deal from Calgary’s perspective.  Now, I realize that Wayne Primeau makes $1.4 million next season (thank you NHL Numbers–boy, they are quick), and this trade takes the team’s cap hit down to $53.74, but a second round pick is a valuable commodity in today’s NHL. 

First, let’s throw the seventh round selection out the window, because it carries little value.  So, the Flames gave up a second round selection and Wayne Primeau (which is a benefit to them, as he isn’t worth close to $1.4 million) for Anton Stralman and Colin Stuart. 

Stuart is a checking forward who will see time on the fourth line of Calgary at best.  His size is an asset (6″2, 205lbs) but his hands are nothing special (never scored more than 18 goals at any level). 

Stralman adds depth to the Flames’ blue line, as his strength is moving the puck, but they already have Phaneuf, Sarich, Bouwmeester, Pardy, Regehr and Giordano under contact for next season.  So, at best, Stralman slots in as the team’s seventh defenseman.  That is not exactly the toughest spot in the lineup to fill; especially considering the ice-time that Phaneuf, Bouwmeester and Regehr will eat up.

So essentially, the Flames dumped off an expensive veteran center for two fringe NHL players and a second round pick.  Was a second round pick worthy of dumping that contract?  Not in my opinion.