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Larry Brooks questions Glen Sather

From Larry Brooks of the NY Post:

ALL right. Here are the questions. Some of them, at least.

A limited no-trade clause on top of $39M over six years to get Wade Redden to sign, a full no move on top of $8M over two years to get Markus Naslund to commit, and doesn’t it seem as if the Rangers are back to where they were before the lockout, bribing overpriced free agents to come to New York?

If the Rangers didn’t want to bring back Sean Avery, if he was such a destructive influence, why in the world did Glen Sather offer him a four-year contract for $12M?

What if Avery had come to the conclusion that $3M a year in New York was worth more to him than the $3.875M per for which he ultimately signed in Dallas?

Read the entire article here.

It seems that Brooks wasn’t happy with Sather’s off-season. I mean, he really wasn’t happy with Sather’s off-season.