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KHL does not accept proposal to suspend player’s signed contracts

From the KHL Press Service:

“We do not accept the idea of suspending the contracts because this has not been agreed on by KHL and NHL. The mentioned players should not be made ‘scapegoats’ due to the fact that the Memorandum of Agreement has not been signed between the KHL and the NHL. In the absence of a signed Memorandum of Agreement between the KHL and the NHL, it is important to remember that the player is under contract with the individual clubs and the KHL can only enforce any such agreements with the NHL, once the Memorandum has been signed by all parties,” said KHL President Alexander Medvedev.

KHL management calls on NHL to sign the Memorandum of agreement and to put it into force from July, 10 2008, which will legally prevent similar cases between the NHL and the KHL in the future.

This is beginning to look like a serious battle between the NHL and KHL.