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Edmonton Oilers

Kevin Lowe feels empowered

From John MacKinnon of the Edmonton Journal:

Asked how it felt to be able to compete on an even footing with other so-called large-market teams for even the gaudiest of free-agent baubles, Lowe said: “I think we were trending there already (being financially competitive under the EIG), but no question this is the first year that we’ve felt empowered.

“Time will tell. Let’s put it this way — I think there seems to be a trend with the Canadian teams and that has to do with the economy. And the dollar has made a big difference, as well.

Read the entire article here.

It is nice to see the Canadian teams enter free agency on equal footing to their American counterparts. However, as Lowe points out, the Canadian teams better hope the dollar stays close to par, otherwise they may be spending a little too much money for their own good.