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Florida Panthers

Jokinen trade seems inevitable

From George Richards of the Miami Herald:

If the Panthers swing a deal for Jokinen, expect an impact player coming back in return, with a depth guy and a first round draft pick as well. There’s talk there might be a three-team deal cooking, but who knows. These rumors are always on the grill about this time, and 95 percent of the time they never see the light of day.

There have been few Panthers who have been part of trade rumors more than Jokinen, who was rumored to be on the way out about the time he was negotiating a four-year deal at the 2006 trade deadline.

Just remember this: The Panthers don’t have to trade Olli. A number of people in the organization don’t want to trade Olli. And JM won’t trade Olli unless the deal is right, at least in his eyes, for the Florida Panthers and their ability to make a playoff run this coming season.

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It seems only a matter of time before Jokinen is shipped out of South Florida. Whatever team lands this reliable centerman definitely won’t regret it. As for the Panthers, the trade makes sense because this team is far from being a Stanley Cup contender. Why keep Jokinen through a couple more productive seasons when you don’t have enough quality around him? Might as well get as many young assets as you possibly can.