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Jim Dolan does not back down from Bettman and the NHL

From John Dellapina of the New York Daily News:

The Garden filed its response Thursday night to that June 18 counterclaim in which the league asked the U.S. District Court for Southern New York to not only dismiss the Garden’s original lawsuit from last September but also permit the commencement of in-house disciplinary action that could result in the Rangers franchise being stripped from MSG’s ownership.

In its response, the Garden argued again that specific league policies were illegal – even if ratified by a vote of clubs – and that the NHL rule prohibiting a member club from suing it (under penalty of franchise forfeiture) also was illegal.

Read the short story here.

It is no surprise that Dolan has gone right back at the NHL with his complaints. The relationship between MSG and the NHL is sure to become more strained than cordial over the next little while.