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Winnipeg Jets

Jets @ Noon | Draft preview with Sam Consentino & a chat with Winnipeg prospect Rutger McGroarty

Some draft talk with Sam Consentino and then they chat with Jets prospect Rutger McGroarty.

Audio Description:
Jets first-round selection, Rutger McGroarty, pops on with Cam & Kelly to talk draft memories and look back at his year. Hockey & Draft Analyst with Sportsnet, Sam Consentino joins to preview who could be available at 18th for Winnipeg at Wednesday’s NHL Draft. What’s the latest on Pierre-Luc Dubois? Is he off to Los Angeles? All that and lots more!

Chat with Sam starts at 1:30 and runs to 10:11 and the chat with Rutger starts at 13:30 and runs to 24:14.