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Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff’s position with respect to UFA Michael Frolik

GM shares his thoughts on the UFAs and specifically Frolik.

While the Jets made a few trades fans aren’t just thinking about this season.  A number of players on this team will be unrestricted free agents at the end of the season.  So while GM Cheveldayoff’s job trading is done he is now turning to the necessity of dealing with these UFAs.

Frolik at practice

The most important one on that list is probably Michael Frolik.  In response to a question about speaking with any of the agents of any of his UFAs, Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff indicated that “I did have a conversation with Michael Frolik’s agent.  Basically what I told him was ‘Look, I’m not trading Michael’ and we are going to have ample opportunity to have conversations and continue where things are at there.  It was a good conversation but I didn’t want to have any misconception out there that there was any possibility that I was trading Michael at this point in time”.

Later in the media conference he was asked if he was actively trying to sign Michael Frolik to which he responded “I did have a conversation with his agent and I told him where things are at as far as that goes.  I wasn’t looking to use any leverage points or anything like that.  Michael is a part of this team.”