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Jets game day post-practice audio

Following the game-day practice, we caught up with Chris Mason (who discusses his new pads), Jim Slater and the coach Noel press conference.

Jets practice

Chris MasonJets goalie Chris Mason spent a lot of time today discussing his new goalie pads which are the talk of the internet.

Jim SlaterSpeaks about concussions,  what to expect from the Islanders.

Coach Claude NoelTalks about whether or not coach in Montreal should speak french.  If Winnipeg is also difficult.  On facing the IslandersWhat the fans mean to the home team.  On Jets playing physical.  What he’s hoping to see from his team tonight.  Talk about playoffs.  Whether he is done his Christmas shopping (being out and about in Winnipeg).  Eric Fehr’s position.  Burmistrov playing with Kane and Wheeler.  Concussions (including talking about one he suffered when playing in the AHL).