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Jerseys, Jerseys, Jerseys

From Icethetics:

We’re one step closer to getting to see what this season’s crop of new third jersey’s actually has to offer. I’ve gotten a hold of a handful of logos/crests to be featured on the new sweaters. I’m not naming my source for that person’s privacy so don’t bother asking. Let’s dive in.

Read more about the NHL’s new third jerseys here.

Make sure you check out Icethetics.  It is a terrific site that provides readers with all the information they could possibly want on the NHL’s new third jerseys.

To be honest, I am sick of the NHL parading out new jerseys year after year.  It is enough.  Keep two jerseys (home and away) and build some tradition.

The Jets won
The Moose lost
The Ice won

It was a busy Illegal Curve Post-Game Show and we've got an Illegal Curve Hockey Show in 9 hours.

Another busy Saturday coming your way on

If you couldn't join @ICEzzyG, @ICdrew and @ICdave live on the Illegal Curve Post-Game Show following the Jets win fear not cause you can watch the replay or download the podcast.

Associate coach Scott Arniel spoke after the Jets win in Chicago.

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