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Jeremy Roenick the 4th Best Video Game Athlete?

Barry Melrose Rocks points out an obviously serious situation whereby Jeremy Roenick has been named the 4th best video game athlete ever, and asks for people’s help in rectifying the situation.

Dear readers, an unjust travesty has befallen us (that will be the wordiest sentence this week, promise). Our good friend JR has been wronged and we must stand up and defend him. We must stand up for those we care about we they are pimped slapped by some video game nerds.

Over at (great website, btw) they made a list of the top video game athletes of all time. It’s a nice list and an entertaining read. But there’s one glaring mistake — JR is only 4th. Now we all know that he has already been declared the best video game athlete ever, but by bloggers and Vince Vaughn. Personally, I don’t know what better endorsements you need than that. But the liberal wheat grass drinking nerds over at IGN don’t agree. They have the audacity to put JR fourth on their list. Fourth.

There was never a more automatic win in the history of video games. If you had JR on your team back in the day, you had the victory. Nonetheless Mike Tyson, Bo Jackson and Mike ‘Puppy Slapper’ Vick beat out Roenick for the top spot. But no matter. We all know who the best video game athlete ever was

Meh. JR was pretty good but I scored an awful lot of goals with Todd Elik and Shjon Podein on NHL ’94.