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New York Rangers

Jagr wants to stay in NHL

From Larry Brooks of NY Post:

“Jaromir and I spoke last night and this morning, and his goal first and foremost is to play in the NHL for another two or three seasons,” Jagr’s agent, Pat Brisson, told The Post this afternoon. “His objective is to sign a new contract with the New York Rangers , and that has always been his priority.

“But his mindset is that it’s not where he wants it to be with New York and (if) it doesn’t work out with the Rangers, he will be on the market for other NHL teams. He believes that he can play at a very high level for another two or three years.”

Read the entire article here.

No surprise that Jagr wants to stay in the NHL. There really hasn’t been anything substantive that says Jagr wants to go back overseas. What is news from this article is that Jagr is fully willing to leave NY if a deal doesn’t get done soon.