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It is risk/reward for Hossa

From Eric Duhatschek of the Globe & Mail:

The risk for Hossa, who has been a remarkably durable player over the years, is that his good health continues. Hossa had major knee surgery in his final year of junior, but has been a picture of health ever since — missing just 22 games in eight years, 10 of them last year, split between the Penguins and the Atlanta Thrashers.

If Hossa blows out his knee again, then the decision to leave all that guaranteed money on the table may not seem like such a good idea. But for Hossa, the possible reward — a Stanley Cup — was worth it in the end.

Read more from Duhatschek here.

Good points raised by Duhatschek; there is always an inherent risk when signing a one year contract. Lucky for Hossa, the guy has already made tens of millions of dollars over the years and has been a very durable NHL player. Give him credit for choosing winning over top dollar.