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Edmonton Oilers

Is MacTavish’s biggest problem his veteran players?

From Cult of Hockey:

In the Oilers’ case, it seems it’s not the players who’ve felt the coach’s wrath in recent months (read: Dustin Penner, Robert Nilsson, et al.) who cause the most problems. It seems some of the veterans who, quite legitimately, feel they ought to take responsibility for the club’s success or lack thereof, have taken way too much of it, undermining their coach in the process. Whether they are aware of what they’re doing is perfectly irrelevant. It’s the result that matters: they are undermining their coach, period.What we have here is a classical picture of inmates trying to take over the asylum.

So, you start doing whatever comes to mind first, and if it’s not hockey, so be it, the coach will get blamed, anyway.

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There have been so many reports out of Edmonton this year as to what has been the OIlers’ biggest problem that it has become hard to determine which reports are true and which aren’t.  So, this is just another theory as to what has been the team’s downfall.  But I will say now as I’ve said before, this team’s biggest problem is that it just isn’t that good on paper.  The team lacks a number one center and a number one left winger; your defense can only carry your offense for so long.

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