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Interview with Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff ahead of holiday roster freeze

Hear from Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff as he spoke before the Jets and Kings game.

Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff was chatting with Kevin O and Trevor Kidd during tonight’s pre-game show.

Topics:  Reflections on the Jets/Lightning game.  On the start the Jets have gotten off to this season.  Has his patience changed with the Jets sitting at the top of the standings?  How would he assess the team’s play so far this season?  On the trip to Finland and how the team came together.  How closely is he in contact with Kristian Vesalainen?  Does he have an influence/does he advise him about the decision not going to the World Junior’s?  How has player development changed?  How impressed was he by the New York area road trip?  How much more difficult is his job with all this organizational depth?  Are the Jets a potential target to have a player receive an offer sheet?  Is there an urgency to get the RFAs signed so they are at your numbers not someone else’s?  How much does the Nylander situation impact the Jets?  Is this week (ahead of the roster freeze) any busier than normal?  What did he learn from last year’s trade deadline experience?  On the impact that Laurent Brossoit has made on the organization.  On the play of Connor Hellebuyck.  What is he expecting tonight from the Kings?

All audio courtesy of TSN 1290 Winnipeg.