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I’m Fighting to Understand This

So TSN has Matthew Barnaby on the panel tonight. I just saw him during the intermission of the Thrashers-Rangers game, where he briefly discussed hits to the head and whether Donald Brashear should be suspended for his recent infraction (Barnaby says he shouldn’t be).

Anyways, while listening to Barnaby. who I can’t complain about since every word he said on the panel was a word not spoken by Mike Milbury, the following question crossed my mind:

Why is it that it’s the former enforcers that always seem to make their way onto the on-air hockey panels?

Think about it. TSN has had Tie Domi, and now Barnaby, and Sportsnet has been miking up Nick Kypreos for years.

I’m not sure why this is – you don’t really see it happening in other sports. But I’m not complaining…none of them are as bad as the NFL Network’s Bryant “Gumble Versus” Gumble.