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Illegal Curve’s Inaugural Live Trade Deadline Blog

Note: I will be live blogging throughout the day. My most recent posts will appear at the top of the page.

2:40pm: Alright, we are 40 minutes past the deadline and I’ve been here for almost eight straight hours. Time to go home for a nap. Thanks to everyone who came by and checked out the blog; I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

2:34: The Thrashers have traded Alex Giroux to the Capitals for Joe Motzko.

Analysis: I’m not an AHL scout so I’ve got nothing for you on this one!

2:31pm: The Kings have dealt J.S. Aubin to the Ducks for a 7th round pick.

Analysis: If Aubin plays for the Ducks in any kind of meaningful game, they won’t be playing meaningful games for long…

2:27pm: In my opinion, everyone is overrating the Pens. I just wanna know who is going to start in net for them come playoff time… Conklin? Fleury? Does that instill confidence in Penguins fans? I’d say no.

2:22pm: The Islanders have traded Marc-Andre Bergeron to the Ducks for a 3rd rounder.

Analysis: Don’t see why the Ducks want him considering he can’t play any defense. The Islanders did well getting a 3rd rounder here.

2:20pm: The Leafs have traded Chad Kilger to the Panthers for a 3rd rounder.

Analysis: Kilger is a third/fourth line grinder. The Panthers want some veterans on their depth lines due to some injuries and the Leafs can use picks, so it makes sense for both sides.

2:18pm: The Coyotes have dealt Fred Sjostrom, David LeNeveu and Josh Gratton to the Rangers for Al Montoya and Marcel Hossa.

Analysis: Don Maloney used to be Sather’s right-hand man so he knows what he’s getting with Montoya and Hossa. In my opinion, Montoya is the best player in this deal. Sjostom is good defensively but limited in his offensive ability. LeNeveu has been in the AHL for a long-time now and is not any one’s long term goaltending answer and Gratton is a throw in. As for Hossa’s inclusion, well, he’s good on the boards but that’s about it. Give the victory here to the Coyotes.

2:14pm: The Wings have acquired Brad Stuart from the Kings for a 2nd round pick and a 4th rounder.

Analysis: Well, Stuart should add depth to the Wings defense corps going into the playoffs. He skates well and makes a good first-pass but isn’t going to put this team over the top. As for the Kings, it is always nice to stash picks, especially when they have some young defensive prospects to work into their line-up in the next little while.

2:10pm: The Islanders traded Chris Simon to the Wild for a 6th round pick.

Analysis: Not really sure why. That’s all I have to say. As the panel points out, they have enough fighters. Simon used to be a pretty good hockey player back in the day, but he’s not what he used to be and he brings with him distractions.

2:00pm: The deadline is here, but there still may be some trades. Regardless, I’m still in shock over this trade. Pierre is going nuts, and I don’t blame him.

1:58pm: Marian Hossa and Pascal Dupuis to the Penguins for Angelo Esposito, Erik Christensen, Colby Armstrong and a 1st rounder.

Analysis: Unless the Pens re-sign Hossa then they overpaid by miles. Wow. Hossa will make them the favorite in the East, but that is a big time price to give up. As for Atlanta, Don Waddell may have just saved his job.

1:55pm: The Rangers have acquired Christian Backman from the Blues for a 4th round pick.

Analysis: Backman is earning $2.2 million per season this year and $3.4 million next year but his addition is a good one for the Rangers. The Rangers biggest weakness is their defense, and Backman is an improvement for them. As for the Blues, they didn’t get much in return but got cap relief and that’s all they wanted.

1:53pm: The Leafs have traded Hal Gil to the Penguins for a 2nd round and 5th round pick.

Analysis: The Leafs did well here. They don’t need Hal Gill on their back-end and they need picks. As for the Pens, they need size and stability on the defense and want to make a run this year so it makes sense for them too.

1:47pm: 13 minutes until the deadline…But remember, lots of trades trickle through a bit after the 2pm CST cutoff.

1:45pm: Milbury throws down with some Armstrong/Modano feud information as to why Doug Armstrong was canned. Good stuff.

1:32pm: Nothing doing still. However, they did just play a clip of Cristobal Huet. He sounded genuinely shocked to be dealt and I don’t blame him.

1:17pm: Lucky us! We get to listen to the Brian Campbell interview for a third time.

1:15pm: It only took just over six hours for the first Milbury/Luongo crack. Let’s review the old Milbury trade for entertainment purposes. Islanders traded Roberto Luongo and Olli Jokinen for Mark Parrish and Oleg Kvasha….speechless? I thought so.

1:09pm: Lots of talking but no action lately. I’d guess this is the calm before the final storm.

12:58pm: Dave Hodge and the writers are talking about Columbus again and how they are throwing in the towel. Guys, IT IS THE RIGHT DECISION!

12:51pm: Again, I’m with Pierre. I don’t trust Huet and I like the trade by the Habs.

12:48pm: Matt Pettinger interview time. I need a nap…

12:44pm: Bob McKenzie doesn’t see Olli Jokinen or Rob Blake being moved today.

12:42pm: The second Wade Belak interview of the day! This is enjoyable.

12:36pm: Dreger is saying Vancouver has dealt Matt Cooke to Washington for Matt Pettinger.

Analysis: Matt Cooke isn’t what he once was either. Pettinger is a depth winger, who isn’t much better than Cooke but is younger and a BC boy. As for Washington, not really sure what they are doing here today. I don’t mind the Huet pickup, but Fedorov and Cooke??? I just don’t see that as an upgrade.

12:29pm: When Glenn Healy talks, does anyone listen?

12:25pm: The official move is Adam Foote from Columbus for a conditional first rounder. Also, if he re-signs after the season with the Avs, there is another pick involved.

Analysis: Foote has played a lot of minutes this year, so I worry a bit about his wearing down. If the Avs allow him to share the burden with Hannan and Co., I’d say the deal is a positive for both sides. Columbus has to be happy with grabbing a first rounder. Scott Howson knows what he’s doing; any talk about them going for a playoff spot at the expense of the future is ludicrous.

12:21pm: Burkie is in a great mood. This puts me in a bad mood.

12:19pm: Here we go. Burke says he isn’t a deadline guy. Who woulda though that? He is doing an interview with only 1 hour and 40 minutes until the trade deadline…

12:17pm: Brian Burke has arrived for an interview!!!! Damn, the sound isn’t working. I can’t wait for this. It should be epic. I’m pretty sure this interview is the only reason I watch trade deadline day.

12:15pm: Who else is for making the GM Corner the Canadian version of PTI???? Please, I know I have support from you readers. You can’t tell me that wouldn’t be amazing.

12:12pm: Dreger is reporting Sergei Fedorov to the Washington Capitals for prospect Theo Ruth.

Analysis: I’m sorry, but most people haven’t seen Fedorov play this year. Lets just say he is not what he once was. In fact, he’s not close to what he once was. Don’t really know why Washington is making this move.

12:10pm: The GM Corner returns! And Milbury is saying the Leafs no-trade clauses are inhibiting Fletcher’s ability to make a deal. And yes, JFJ is ACROSS THE TABLE! Wow, unintentional comedy at its finest.

12:06pm: Pierre is the first one on the set to drop arms-race. Where is Fall Out Boy???? Get the song ready…

12:03pm: The Avs have acquired Adam Foote from the Blue Jackets. What the Jackets get in return hasn’t been reported. In other news, Warren Rychel, Rene Corbet and Craig Billington also waived their no-trades to return to Denver…

11:54am: McKenzie says the Avs are hot in pursuit of Foote and Foote says he’d only go to Colorado if he were to be traded. Who would be going the other way is not yet known.

11:51am: If I have to watch Michael Landsberg on that curling commercial one more time, I may break my computer in half and there is no way TSN wouldn’t held responsible for that. Granted, I could always put my computer back together with Landsberg’s hair gel.

11:48am: Somebody please tell James Duthie this isn’t a funeral. Why is he talking in such a sad tone???? These guys are paid millions of dollars and this is a part of the business.

11:44am: Brian Campbell is doing his best Ryan Smyth impersonation.

11:38am: It is Martin Lapointe from Chicago to Ottawa for a 6th round pick.

Analysis: Well, they paid less for Lapointe than Florida did for Belak so that’s a plus. Lapointe’s best days are behind him, but he should help in the dressing room. His toughness should help their 4th line.

11:37am: Martin Lapointe has been traded to the Senators, but what the Blackhawks are getting in return is yet to be determined.

11:35am: Bob McKenzie is reporting that Adam Foote’s contract talks with Columbus have fallen apart and that may lead to a deal.

11:33am: Why does Duthie sound sad for Mike Smith??? This guy is going from being a backup behind Marty Turco to being a starter in Tampa Bay. It’s his lucky day.

11:27am: Brian Campbell seems far more shaken up now than he was when I met him in September and he asked me what brisket was. (True story)

11:20am: The Blackhawks have traded Tuomo Ruutu to Carolina for Andrew Ladd.

Analysis: Both teams are trading youngsters who haven’t played up to expectations. In fact, their contracts are both $1.8 million for this season and both are RFA’s at season’s end. In my opinion Ruutu is the superior player, however, he couldn’t reach his potential in Chicago. Same for Ladd in Carolina, although I think he is tad overrated.

11:16am: The Avalanche have traded Karlis Skrastins and a 3rd round pick to the Panthers for Ruslan Salei.

Analysis: The Panthers will plug Skrastins on their back-end to block shots, but the deal was made for the 3rd pick. Salei is getting up there in age and isn’t a long-term option for a young team like Florida. As for Colorado, Salei bring veteran experience on the back-end, as the Avs have demonstrated they are serious about making a playoff run.

11:13am: Dave Hodge has to be 134 years old.

11:00am: The boys on the set are hungry, so JFJ has just bought pizza for his fellow members. What a great guy. He just over-tipped the pizza guy and gave him a no-trade clause…

10:50am: Cristobal Huet to the Capitals for a 2nd round pick in 2009.

Analysis: I know this trade seems stupid but I actually like it. Price is ready to carry the load and he’s definitely no worse than Huet. The Habs were going to lose Huet anyways, so at least they get a draft pick out of the deal. Also, the team is also going to make another move today, so let’s not rush to judgment.

10:43am: The Richards trade is a big one. Brad Richards and Johan Holmqvist for Michael Smith, Jussi Jokinen and Jeff Halpern.

Analysis: Jokinen is a nice winger and Smith is a solid netminder who flies under the radar, but this trade doesn’t make the Bolts better unless they use this extra money to sign a defenseman in the off-season.

10:42am: Brad Richards has waived his no-movement clause but the word on what the Bolts are getting back is not yet out.

Analysis: I’m a big Richards fan and I really think this move has Brett Hull’s hands all over it. He realizes Richards’ potential and ability; the extra offense should put Dallas over the top.

10:39am: Apparently Brad Richards has been traded to Dallas pending his approval.

10:35am: The details are out. Campbell for Steve Bernier and a 1st rounder.

Analysis: Well, I am not the biggest Steve Bernier fan. He’s a big guy but he isn’t the most consistent player. At least the Sabres are getting some value for Campbell though. Plus, while the first round pick will be at the end of the 1st round, it is a deep draft and those picks are always worth something.

10:33am: Even though they have yet to mention his name, you have to wonder if the deal includes Matt Carle. He was rumored to be going other way in the Redden rumors and Redden and Campbell are both pending UFA’s.

10:25am: Our first real trade and it is Brian Campbell to the Sharks.

Analysis: I’ll hold out until I see what they gave up, but he is EXACTLY what they need on their back-end.

10:23am: TSN has upstaged its Cam Janssen interview with a Wade Belak interview! Well done. I’m confused though. JFJ hasn’t given Wade a no-trade? But he has a pulse…

10:21am: Kenny Holland is always a good interview, but c’mon, he ain’t giving you anything right now. Is there a more useless interview than the GM pre-deadline interview??? Do people expect Holland to say, “You know we just offered Hudler and picks for Hossa”?

10:17am: The crew is now analyzing this trade. Somebody please bottle me. This is agonizing.

10:15am: Another trade has been made. The Leafs have dealt Wade Belak to Florida for a 5th round pick.

Analysis: Any pick for Belak is a plus.

10:10am: Mike Milbury just questioned the contract given to Patrick Marleau, specifically because of his inability to compete. Ummm, Mike Milbury….ummm, didn’t you sign Alexei Yashin to a 10 year contract?????

10:07am: Pierre and JFJ are disagreeing on the value of Pavel Kubina. I’m with Pierre on this one–and it’s not close.

10:04am: People need to stop ragging on Brad Richards. The guy is better than he is getting credit for. Has anyone seen his linemates this season? He logs big minutes in all situations and has proven to be clutch in the past.

9:59am: JFJ says he thinks Brian Burke would have given up the Oilers’ first round pick for Mats Sundin. That is interesting; I like it when former GMs give you some insight like that.

9:50am: You know the cast is in trouble when Mike Milbury has been the voice of reason all morning.

9:44am: The cast has Cam Janssen on the line! Tremendous. This is definitely the first time he has EVER been interviewed. So far this beats the Marty Biron interview from last year.

9:41am: Duthie is caught off-guard as Gord throws it back to him while he’s clearly on Facebook…

9:39am: Gord Miller is intrigued by Detroit. Bob McKenzie is also intrigued by the Wings…that he just had as an after breakfast snack.

9:33am: We have a trade! The Devils have acquired Bryce Salvador from the Blues for Cam Janssen.

Analysis: A nice move by the Devils to shore up their defensive corps. Salvador is a UFA but Janssen isn’t much to give up. It was clear after the Blues extended Jackman that Salvador was on his way out.

9:30am: Matthew Barnaby just called Duncan Keith a stallworth???? A Donte Stallworth? Matthew I think you mean stalwart.

9:28am: I’ve now taken to listening to the new Jack Johnson CD in the background. It makes listening to Dave Hodge that much more soothing.

9:26am: Michael Farber tells us Patrick Marleau has another gear… Thank you Michael. You mean his 29 points isn’t to the best of his abilities?

9:22am: Why do people keep bringing up the Ducks’ poor goal differential? Have people not realized that Selanne and Niedermayer weren’t there for a majority of the season? Am I missing something? This team is far and away the best in the NHL right now.

9:17am: John Lu tells us that Hossa’s equipment is in his Atlanta stall right now. That is pretty intense. Is John gonna tell us that Hossa uses Dove soap too? Gotta love the pre-trade reports when no one has any news or anything to say.

9:14am: The last 20 minutes of boredom has allowed me to check my spelling of Buhler below and imdb tells me it’s Bueller. My bad.

8:55am: Can anyone tell me why TSN isn’t broadcasting this in HD? Buhler?

8:40am: I’d say the MVP of the telecast so far has been Darren Pang. Panger is being honest with his analysis of many of the players being bandied about today.

8:35am: There we have it, Bobby Holik admitting to Matthew Barnaby in the past that if he’s your number one center you don’t have a chance to make the playoffs. Funny, because I don’t remember him saying that when the Rangers gave him 5 yr /$45 million.

8:27am: Cory Woron tells us the Leafs are going to workout on the beach today and that the TSN crew will have video of that. Folks, I DID NOT MAKE THAT UP. Seriously.

8:21am: Gord Miller just asked Bob what Foote’s contract situation was with Colorado. Thanks Gord, goin retro with the analysis. I wonder how many minutes Ray Bourque will log tonight…

8:12am: Our first real filler has debuted. The panel is now listing their top five Stanley Cup contenders. Does anyone care??? For goodness sake, it is February.

8:06am: We have just sat through almost fifteen minutes of nothing. Finally, Dreger tells us that no one from the Bolts has told Richards, “Here’s the deal we want you to consider.” But Dreger does expect that to happen soon. McKenzie tells us that Rob Blake (the actor) has not yet waived his no trade clause. In other news, McKenzie has waived his no bacon clause and is expecting the breakfast B.E.L.T in a matter of moments.

7:52am: John Lu tells us that the zamboni was on the ice at Habs practice. Thanks Jon!!! Terrific insight from the TSN reporters who are on location.

7:50am: In what is becoming terrific unintentional comedy, Duthie continues to whisper into his mic during interviews.

7:46am: Gord Miller’s first appearance on the show is upstaged by Darren Dreger’s first appearance. Apparently the Stars are the favorite for Richards with an offer of Mike Smith, Jussi Jokinen and others. Bob McKenzie tells us that Adam Foote wants to remain in Columbus and the deal is getting close. Big Mac does mention that if the talks fall through, he may come into play.

7:35am: Duthie just said that both the Richards and Hossa deals are close to getting done. He lists the Sens and Habs as top candidates for Hossa. Late last night the rumor was that the Sens were including Antoine Vermette in their package and the Habs possibly including Chris Higgins. It will be interesting to see what the Thrashers are looking for.

7:32am: K, it has already reached the point of awkward with JFJ talking about the Leafs and it isn’t even 8am CST.

7:28am: Pierre just said the Leafs may not make the playoffs…

7:23am: Shocker of the day–the first Mats Sundin interview!!! This was an unexpected beginning to the telecast. Over/under how many times we see this video today is at 4.5.

7:20am: I finally got TSN broadband to start working. Just to let readers know, we will be relying on TSN throughout the day for the most recent news and unintentional comedy. If you haven’t heard, Pierre Maguire has apparently just traded a few dollar bills for an eight ball… I mean, how else could he have this much energy at 8am?????????

7:16am: There were some overnight rumors that Brad Richards had been traded to Dallas and Marian Hossa to Montreal; however, these have yet to be confirmed by the major broadcast networks and it doesn’t look like they have been completed just yet.

7:13am: Mike Comrie has agreed to a one-year contract extension with the Islanders, and appears to be staying put on Long Island.

Analysis: Comrie seems to like playing for NYI and the team appears to be happy to have him. This decision made sense for both sides.