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LIVE ON AIR!!!Adam Proteau (The Hockey News), Eric Duhatschek (Globe & Mail), Kevin Allen (USA Today) live tonight on The Radio Show


Fresh off last week’s fantasy hockey preview spectacular, (which can be heard in the archives here), we return to the 92.9 KICK FM studio this Wednesday, from 7PM – 10PM CST, for three hours of the best NHL season preview anywhere in North America.

To back up my boasts of supremacy, we are thrilled to bring you three interviews with three of the best hockey minds in North America.

Adam Proteau

Adam Proteau of The Hockey News, the leading hockey publication, will join us at 7:00 PM CST to discuss the main headlines of the upcoming season.

Eric D

At 7:40 PM CST, Eric Duhatschek of the Globe and Mail, and Canada’s pre-eminent hockey writer, will join us to analyze the Western Conference.

Kev Allen

At 9:00PM CST we will talk with Kevin Allen of USA Today, the most widely read newspaper in the United States, with whom we will breakdown the Eastern Conference.

In between these three outstanding guests, Richard, Ezra and Drew will provide insight into the strengths and weaknesses of all 30 NHL teams, and what we can expect from each of them in the upcoming season.

If you have a question for any of our guests, please email the question to .

To join the conversation please call (204) 780-KICK (5425).

To listen in Winnipeg, please tune your radio to 92.9 on the FM dial, or by clicking the radio show link in the top right corner of .

We hope you enjoy.