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IC Summer Series | Chat with Winnipeg Jets prospect Henri Nikkanen

A chat with the Finnish product.

The IC Summer Series concludes with Jets 2019 4th rounder Henri Nikkanen who is back in Winnipeg ahead of his second full season in pro hockey here in North America. He played 66 regular season games plus five playoff games for the Moose in 2022-23 scoring five goals along with 11 assists. The Finnish product spoke about training, conditioning, Finnish saunas and much more as he prepares for training camp.


1. How was summer back home in Finland? (:25)
2. What were some things he did when he wasn’t training? (:45)
3. How soon after a season ends does he start training? (2:00)
4. Does he train during summer with any Jets/Moose players? (2:28)
5. What are his thoughts on his first full season in Winnipeg? (3:29)
6. Did he have a most memorable moment from last season? (4:16)
7. What playing a pre-game for the Jets could do (5:06)
8. What was something he learned about Winnipeg last year? (5:53)
9. If people underestimate how difficult it is to adjust to a new city/new country/new culture? (7:01)
10. From training camp last September to the end of the season how did he grow as a hockey player? (7:33)
11. Head coach Mark Morrison mentioned he was “trending up” toward Christmas but also mentioned the grind of season. What’s it mean to get recognized and also how does he prepare himself for the grind ahead of the upcoming season? (8:52)
12. Given he played approximately the same number of games in his final season in Finland and last season in Manitoba, what does he account for the “grind” he experienced this past season? (10:12)
13. Playing responsible defence isn’t very “fun”. Most young players want to score goals so how was it he saw being a defensively sound player as a path forward? (11:20)
14. Reward for being a good penalty killer (12:56)
15. Takeaway of differences between AHL regular season and playoffs? (13:37)
16. What did he think of the Jets playoff series with the Golden Knights and his thoughts on the Whiteout? (14:45)
17. Having a voice with the Manitoba Moose (15:50)
18. When the team held their exit meetings with you what area did they want you to work on this summer? (16:32)
19. How did he go about making that happen? (17:03)
20. Does he set goals for himself ahead of the season? (17:58)
21. Does he think about making his NHL debut with the Jets or does he focus on what’s in front of him? (18:35)
22. What is his mindset going into Jets training camp? (19:07)
23. Having a mindset of helping teammates while also competing for that same position? (20:09)
24. Opportunity to learn from other Jets prospects (21:45)