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IC Summer Series | Chat with Winnipeg Jets prospect Danny Zhilkin

A chat with the Ontario product.

Jets 2022 3rd rounder Danny Zhilkin joined us as the first guest of our summer series where we chat with Jets prospects as they prepare for the upcoming season. Our chat covered his time in junior hockey, being assigned to the Moose, Jets Development Camp, playing in Winnipeg and so much more.


1. How has his summer gone so far? (:57)
2. Reflections on the growth in his game (1:32)
3. What was it like being traded in junior? (2:35)
4. Making OHL playoff history (3:10)
5. Value of playoff hockey for future success (4:04)
6. Signing his first NHL contract (4:50)
7. Developing a two-way role mentality (5:46)
8. Accepting the challenge to adjust his game (6:51)
9. After being assigned to Moose, how did team make him feel included (8:01)
10. Being able to help guys coming from Russia acclimatize (9:07)
11. Language not being a barrier to inclusivity (10:01)
12. Underestimating the adjustments players make to new environment (11:39)
13. Re-connecting with fellow prospect Nikita Chibrikov (12:32)
14. Differences practicing with juniors vs with pros (13:28)
15. What areas did the organization want him to work on this summer? (14:17)
16. His takeaways from watching game 3 between Jets & Golden Knights live, the crowd & the Whiteout (14:56)
17. How soon does he train once a season ends? (15:32)
18. Did he change up his training as he gets ready for the pros? (15:56)
19. Is he training with any other Jets/Moose players this summer? (16:37)
20. What has he gleaned from practicing with Cole Perfetti? (17:01)
21. Meeting fellow prospects at Jets Development Camp in July (17:29)
22. Developing relationships during Development Camp that can last years (18:39)
23. What were some of his impressions of Winnipeg? (19:17)
24. Creating a connection with fans in Winnipeg (20:29)
25.What’s it like having fans? (21:18)
26. Is there a special reason he wears the number 17? (22:07)
27. The initiative he started with his g/f Lauren Shoss called Zhilkin’s Vision (22:49)
28. More on the initiative (23:45)
29. Is his generation a bit more aware of the importance of contributing to their community? (25:11)
30. What’s his plan for the rest of the summer? (25:40)
31. Does he set goals ahead of each season? (26:03)
32. Opportunity to learn and grown with Jets prospects on the Moose (27:47).