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IC Summer Series | Chat with Winnipeg Jets prospect Daniel Torgersson

A chat with the Swedish product.

The IC Summer Series continued with Jets 2020 2nd rounder Daniel Torgersson who is back in Winnipeg ahead of his second full season in pro hockey here in North America. He played 69 regular season games plus five playoff games for the Moose in 2022-23 scoring 11 goals and nine assists while also scoring a rather “interesting” playoff goal which we discussed in our conversation. The Swedish product spoke about training, conditioning, Swedish chip dips and much more as he prepares for training camp.


1. How was summer back home in Sweden? (:30)
2. What are some things he enjoys doing back home? (:59)
3. Now that you’ve had some time to reflect, what did you think of your first full season in Wpg? (1:42)
4. What was your most memorable moment on the ice of the season? (2:22)
5. Do people underestimate how difficult it is to adjust to a new city/new country? (3:58)
6. What it’s like when a season ends (4:51)
7. What it was like hosting friends/family this season (5:57)
8. What is something that he enjoys from Sweden that he can’t get in Canada? (6:32)
9. What was something he learned about Winnipeg in first full year here? (7:03)
10. What’s it like having fans? (7:46)
11. From training camp last September to the end of the season how did he grow as a hockey player? (8:38)
12. Was there one specific area he thought he improved in the most? (9:23)
13. Head coach Mark Morrisson thought you were “trending up” throughout the season. Did you feel that as well? (9:58)
14. Last season he mentioned grind of the game/fatigue. How can he prepare for this grind? (10:53)
15. How much of a difference did he notice between the regular season and the playoffs in the AHL? (11:23)
16. His neutral zone playoff goal (11:52)
17. His thoughts observing NHL playoff hockey/thoughts on Whiteout? (12:40)
18. Does seeing the passion of the fans increase his desire to be in the NHL? (13:38)
19. Having a voice on a Moose team as a 20/21 year old (14:34)
20. When the team held their exit meetings with him what area did they want him to work on this summer? (15:33)
21. How did he go about making that happen? (16:11)
22. Does he train with any of the Jets/Moose guys back home during summer? (17:14)
23. Does he goal set before every season? (17:42)
24. What is his mindset heading into Jets training camp? (18:04)
25. Helping fellow prospects advance while at same time competing for limited spots (19:01)
26. Gaining skills from his fellow Jets prospects (20:32)