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Playoff Predictions

IC Playoff Predictions: 1st Round Results

We take a look back at how the IC team did in their 1st Round playoff predictions.

While it is easy to make playoff predictions, oftentimes there is never any follow-up to how accurate or inaccurate you were.  Well we at Illegal Curve love to throw each other under the bus if we have failed in our prognostication attempts.  Here is a look back at our 1st Round results.

Over in the East only Dave went 4/4, despite the predictions that anyone choosing Washington was “crazy”.

The wild, wild west was a bit more difficult to predict than the East as the Canucks upset lead to some unexpected results.

In the end the IC prognostication crew scored as follows;

Ezzy: 4/8
Rich:  4/8
Drew: 4/8
Dave: 5/8
Remis: 4/8
Kyle:  5/8

How will we do in the 2nd Round?  We should have those up later this afternoon.