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Calgary Flames

How ’bout them Flames?

Hockey News write Jason Kay has some questions about the Flames’ upcoming season.

Some of the questions that were raised include:

• Their defense: is it overrated?

• Jarome Iginla: He’s unquestionably one of the pre-eminent players in the NHL, but can he carry a forward group that appears to lack depth?

• Miikka Kiprusoff: which one will show up? And if it’s the very good one, at what point in the season will that happen?

• Mike Keenan: has the game passed him by? Will he have the players’ ears in Year 2 of his tenure?

• With so many improving and strong teams in the West, can Calgary hold off the challengers?

Kay does raise some pertinent questions, though I am inclined to take a wait and see attitude with all these predictions.