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Hotdog Hockey Column

Hotdog Hockey: A Return to Relevance

Taking a look at whether the NHL can return to relevance here in the United States.

This week over at Hot Dog Hockey, I had the chance to provide my E-Take on hockey coverage here in the United States, examine which network the NHL might select when the contracts with Versus/NBC end in 2010/11 and take a look at whether the NHL can return to relevance as a top 4 sport.

Here is an excerpt:

As someone who lived in Canada for the majority of his life, I had always taken for granted the availability of hockey on pretty much any night of the week.  Even more so, I knew that if I had missed the night’s games then the highlights would be available on any of the sports networks (TSN, The Score, Sportsnet).  So, it becomes something of a culture shock when you move to the US and struggle to find any hockey games on television.  (It should be noted that I live in Michigan, the state responsible for producing the most U.S. born players currently playing in the NHL, so an expectation of nightly hockey seems somewhat legitimate).  Instead I am relegated to tuning into ESPN Sportscenter to see, at most, a quick 5 minute hockey package which usually entails 1-2 minutes of Barry Melrose showing off his mullet and his newest hockey cufflinks.

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