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Hockey in the Far East

From J.P. at NHL Fanhouse:

With the Summer Olympics nearly underway, forgive us hockey fans for not yet being fully in the spirit of the Games.

Michael Phelps is impressive and all, but we prefer our water frozen and skated upon. Field hockey? Close, but no cigar. And while the NHL is not without its divers, we prefer our reverse three-and-a-half somersaults to be accompanied by unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. “8.8.08” may have meaning to most sports fans, but to puckheads it’s just “the day after Sidney Crosby’s 21st birthday.”

With a little finesse, however, there are hockey tie-ins, even in Beijing in August. And come September? Well, Shanghai will become Hockeytown, China as the Sharks open their season at the end of the month.

Read the entire article from Fanhouse here.

Definitely an interesting read from JP.  Growing the game abroad will only help the NHL and let’s give the league credit for establishing a working relationship with an ALIH team.