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Nightly Hockey Hits

Hockey Hits: Heatley finally speaks but does he say anything worthwhile and Brian Burke might be looking to trade.

Lots of chatter today from around the blogs about Heatley finally talking, Brian Burke discusses the Leafs need for another forward and the possibility of making a trade, Luongo wants extension done by training camp, Tampa & Tanguay don’t appear to be a match made in heaven, Rangers Nation makes a pitch for Brandon Dubinsky, Alex Ovechkin releases his clothing line in Russia and much more.

Some news and notes from around the blogs:

  • Sens Town:  That was a waste of time.  Looks like the Sens blogs aren’t very happy with what came from the press conference.
  • Nucks Misconduct:  Luongo wants extension done by training camp.  Having the opportunity to see him play live, I can  attest that he is worth whatever he is asking
  • Slap Shot:  Getting to know the 2010 Swedish Olympic team.  That is going to be one very tough roster when it is shrinked down to size.
  • T.O. Sports:  Brian Burke hints at trading a for a forward.  They do have a tremendous depth a defense and could use the help up front.  Burke is always looking to do something.
  • Puck Update:  NHL needs an owner derby.  Seems like something Fox Reality TV would want to broadcast.
  • Raw Charge:  Are Tampa and Tanguay at odds?  He would look playing on a line with Vincent although it appears that the rumour mill is heating up between Tanguay and Minnesota.
  • Litter Box Cats:  Booth helps out the kids.  With all these stories lately of athletes not being too socially concerned, it is always nice to see a player helping kids develop their game.  Good thing we put Booth on the 3rd line of Team Michigan.
  •  Sign Brandon Dubinsky.  Ranger nation makes a push to get the stalled negotiations moving again.
  • Alex Ovetjkin:  Alex Ovetchkin’s Reebok clothing line is launched in Russia.  It seems like every athlete has his or her own line of clothing.  The biggest testament is do they actually wear the clothes being produced on their behalf?
  • Oilersnation:  Everyone hates the Oilers.  Its somewhat of a catch 22.  In order to win, they need to attract the players, and in order for the them to attract the players, they need to be a winning team.  Looks like they better hope the scouts in charge of drafting have been doing their jobs.
  • Melt Your Face Off:  They pull one of the week’s Frozen Moments, pick a guy (or hopefully, insanely hot gal), and it is your job to tell them what that person is thinking.  Funny.  Always good fun to be making fun of fellow hockey fans.