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Hockey and the Law

Two recent incidents involving hockey violence have resulted in punishment. A 23 year old Calgary man was sentenced to 30 days in jail for assaulting a linesman. He is said to be appealing that sentence. Via CBC (sorry about that).

A 23-year-old Calgary man sentenced to 30 days in jail Wednesday for assaulting a hockey linesman in 2006 will be filing an appeal, his lawyer says.

Robert Joseph Simard, who was convicted of kicking Rory McCuaig in face and knocking him unconscious in an off-ice brawl after a game, will serve his time on weekends beginning in August.

Simard’s lawyer, Alain Hepner, said the family is disappointed with the sentence, believing it is far too harsh, especially when compared to other hockey assault cases.

Meanwhile, Patrick Roy’s son Jonathan has been charged with assault stemming from the altercation in the QMJHL playoffs.

Quebec Remparts goaltender Jonathan Roy, 19, faces one count of assault against Chicoutimi Sagueneens netminder Bobby Nadeau.

The single charge was filed in court today in Saguenay, where the brawl occurred.

In a fracas that was replayed countless times across the country, Jonathan Roy skated the length of the ice and pummelled Nadeau, who made no attempt to fight back.

While the first case seems to just be a clear cut case of thuggery, the on-ice assault opens up a veritable Pandora’s Box of litigation possibilities.