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Hockey and Heavy Metal takes a look at the links between hockey and heavy metal music.

Take a moment to think about all the great partnerships in life — pairs that when one comes to mind, the other immediately and instinctively follows: Peanut butter and jelly, movies and popcorn, baseball and Cracker Jack.

These days, hockey and heavy metal is another symbiotic relationship to be included in that list.

Why do hockey and heavy metal fit together so well?

Mike Levine, a member of the Canadian power trio Triumph, has one answer, delivered tongue-and-cheek: “Other than (both are) usually played by a group of guys in hockey rinks who travel around a lot?”

Seriously though, these two disparate entities have become interwoven in the last little while. When you scratch the surface, hockey and heavy-metal music — heck, any kind of music — have more similarities than you might think.