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HNIC theme song may be alive after all…on TSN

Earlier this morning from Dave Staples of the Edmonton Journal:

“We feel this song is worth one last attempt to save,” says Scott Moore, executive director of CBC Sports. “Canadians are passionate about its association with Hockey Night in Canada.” The first Canadian Director of the Sports Lawyers Association, Kirke is an expert in mediation and negotiation, and his practice over the years has included work in the music industry on behalf of artists and composers. “His ability to negotiate integral resolutions in sticky situations is incredible,” Moore says.

This is certainly a sticky situation, given that Ottawa politicians have cried out for the song not to be dropped, as well as tens of thousands of hockey fans.

Perhaps Kirke can do some good, but I wonder why this is coming about. What kind of pressure has been put on Moore, who works for a Crown corporation, subsidized by Canadian taxpayers and somewhat susceptible to the whims of politicians?

Now, just like you, I would love to hear the theme song again on Hockey Night in Canada, but I’m rapidly losing my warm feeling about the tune. I hate it that the nation’s collective attachment to the song is being used as a bargaining chip, so I’m choosing to put my own sentimental attachment in the deep freeze.
Read the entire entry from Cult of Hockey right here.

Nothing like money to get in the way of a classic song. With the intense pressure on both sides to come to some sort of agreement, I believe we will be hearing this classic tune next October when HNIC begins its 08/09 season.

Later in the day update: TSN JUST BOUGHT THE RIGHTS TO THE SONG.

Read the story from TSN here.

What can you say? This is hilarious!!! TSN and CTV buy the HNIC theme song rights. Can you believe that? That is like Fox buying the MNF theme song and playing it as their own. No one could have predicted this.