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Winnipeg Jets

Heritage Classic warm ups underway; puck drop scheduled for 3:53 pm

Players are warming up as we wait to find out if the game starts on time.


The players have come out onto the filed to warm-up for today’s Jets and Oilers Heritage Classic.

There is some discussion as to whether to start the game at 2 pm due to the conditions (i.e. not cloudy enough/too much sun).  There is a meeting of the minds taking place beside the ice with the folks from the NHL.

Update:  It was just announced that the game start time has been delayed.

Update II:  Paul Friesen of the Winnipeg Sun was watching the broadcast and said that Colin Campbell (Executive Vice President and Director of Hockey Operations for the National Hockey League.) indicated that the latest possible start time is 3:53 pm. Player warmup at 3:10.

Update III:  The PA announcer in the media room announces that warm up is scheduled for 3 pm.  I would assume that would mean puck drop is approximately 3:45 pm.

Update IV: Tarps are off the ice. Fans are cheering.

Update V:  Warm up is underway