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Heatley Wants Out

TSN is reporting that Ottawa Senator Dany Heatley has informed the team that he no longer wants to play in the nation’s capital. Heatley signed a long term deal in the fall of 2007, which may make it somewhat difficult to sign the left-winger due to his $7.5 million dollar cap hit.

Obviously, this is pretty bad news for Ottawa, who is now facing a Chris Pronger type situation. Its one thing to be able to quietly shop a high scoring winger, but when the entire league knows what you are facing, the potential return is quite seriously diminished. That being said, a number of teams (LA, Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, et al) are all rumoured to be looking to add some star power, so perhaps Ottawa will get something in return. Edmonton, in particular, could use some scoring punch on the wing and the price tag is a little better than what a player like Marian Hossa could command. LA is also rumoured to covet Ryan Smyth, so perhaps Heatley would fit a little better in that he is a few years younger even if he is a little more expensive.

Alternatively, Ottawa GM Bryan Murray is quoted in the TSN piece saying that they expect Heatley to honour his deal. Perhaps Ottawa will dig in their heals and play hardball with Heatley? Ottawa’s lineup looks pretty thin once you remove Heatley’s 39 goals, so if Murray does decide to move him he had better get some offensive prowess coming back.

Any thoughts on potential destinations? Should Ottawa make him stay? Who will Jason Spezza pass to now?

Lets hear it in the comments.