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HD Summer Thoughts

Although there is minimal NHL news on the radar these days, aside from reports from Jason Spezza’s wedding in Ottawa, I still do have a few thoughts to pass on:

From the “what the $#%& is happening here?” category, was Gord Miller actually calling a Saturday afternoon CFL on TSN game between the Riders and Eskies the other day?  What, was Suneel Joshi not available?  To say that Gord’s off-season workout plan is working, would be along the lines of saying that Dany Heatley deserved that signing bonus.  As always, Gord in HD is scary.

As Illegal Curve linked to previously, our friends at Puck The Media have provided a likely NHL on TSN schedule for this year.  Which got me thinking about RDS’ lineup of games, for those in Canada.  Looking back at games shown on RDS HD last year on, you can see that there are a TON of games shown.  For only a couple of bucks a month to get both RDS and RDS HD, Canadian viewers might want to consider  adding this programming into their mix, for two reasons.  One, if you are a Habs fan you get every Habs game in HD, plus the odd Monday night Versus game and the odd Sens game.  Two, RDS HD has one of the clearest pictures out there, and beats the HD Versus games simulcasted on TSN2 hands down.

Another interesting item that’s happened recently is ErinAndrewsGate.  Did you know that Andrews got her start as a sideline reporter for the Lightning on the Sunshine Network, and then for the Thrashers on Turner South?  In case you missed it, someone got a video of her changing in a hotel room and put it on YouTube.  The most intriguing part of all this, is that the video has actually been online for months, and only recently caught wind when Deadspin linked to it.  Since then, Deadspin has taken down the link and issued and apology.  We at Illegal Curve generally shy away from being a paparazzi-esque website, and provide real news.  Jason Whitlock from FoxSports writes an interesting article about all of this here.