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Florida Panthers

Gretzky has Jokinen’s back

From Steve Gorten of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel:

I asked Gretzky what about the notion some people have that Jokinen isn’t a winner, that he fostered a losing culture in South Florida and that he was a major factor in the Panthers’ inability to make the playoffs all seven seasons he played for them. I asked Gretzky if this was a concern, something he had to stop and consider before making a deal.

He responded quickly: “I’ve learned this after 35 years in the National Hockey League or whatever it is: One guy doesn’t win or lose Stanley Cups. I’ve always said that if that was the case, the Boston Bruins would have won 10 years in a row with Bobby Orr. You just have to have a team. Each and every guy has to be part of it. One guy does not win or lose the Stanley Cup.”

Read more about the trade here.

I’m with Gretz on this one. I am not concerned at all about Jokinen’s inability to make the playoffs. With the right team around him, I’m pretty sure it wouldnt be a problem.

Anyhow, I am still wondering how the Coyotes got Jokinen for what they gave up. I mean, Ballard is a good defenseman, but this will be his fourth NHL organization. When you are young and have already been with four organizations (Buffalo, Colorado, Phoenix and Florida) something seems off. Additionally, Boynton is a solid defenseman, who is good in the room, tough and can move the puck but this is for Olli Jokinen. The guy is a reliable power number one center. If this was the offer Florida accepted, what were the other offers they were receiving?