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Goalie equipment is going to be shrinking

From Al Strachan at Fox Sports:

The fact that so many of the league’s top people got together to discuss the state of goalie equipment makes it clear that, this time, the matter is being taken very seriously.

And so it should be. The game has rebounded in recent years since the new level of officiating standards was imposed. The skilled players are being allowed to exhibit a lot of those skills, but when they get within shooting range, they find themselves facing a version of the Michelin Man. They’d like to pick a hole, but they’re lucky if they can see any of the net, let alone a hole.

The Wednesday meeting represents the first crucial step toward whittling the goaltending equipment down to size. Fans won’t see much change in the coming season, but in the following season they will.

Read the entire article here.

Strachan is right. This is only good news for hockey fans. Once these rules take effect in 2009/10, the game should continue to become more exciting.