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Gillis wasn’t comfortable courting Naslund

From Matthew Sekeras of the Globe & Mail:

They say friends know when to say “when,” and besides being the general manager of the Vancouver Canucks, Mike Gillis is also Markus Naslund’s former agent and his friend.

That Naslund’s 12-year relationship with the NHL team had to end this week was evident to all, a divorce where even the kids agree it’s for the best. Gillis knew it, Naslund knew it, and the fans knew it. And so, the Canucks’ captain, career leading scorer, and arguably the franchise’s best player, leaves for the bright lights of Manhattan with an air of inevitability.

“I don’t feel comfortable with it because I like Markus so much and I wish it was different,” Gillis said yesterday. “It’s unfortunate. Markus is a really good friend of mine.”

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This had to be an awkward situation for both sides. However, it seems both sides were content with the outcome and will maintain a close friendship.