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Detroit Red Wings

Game Five Live Blog

**This game will be live blogged using the CBC feed**

11:47pm: See you on Wednesday for Game 6 live blogging.

11:46pm: Sykora scoressss. The goal was assisted by Malkin and Gonchar. Detroit has to be angry because the puck bounced off the ref’s butt and bounced back to Malkin. What a game. Pittsburgh has to be going nuts!

11:43pm: Wow. Hudler just took a brutal penalty with his stick. That was obviously a penalty. And now we find out it is four minutes long. Obvious statement alert: This could be the turning point of the series…

11:43pm: Rafalski passes up a chance at a huge slapshot and opts to make a pass. Not a great decision on his part. Shots from the point are generally what ends it in a long game like this.

11:37pm: “Danger Zone” makes its first appearance of the game. That took long enough.

11:36pm: Gonchar is back for the 3rd OT.

11:26pm: I think Craig Simpson re-applies hair gel during the overtime periods.

11:15pm: Great penalty kill by the Penguins. Triple OT is coming up…

11:13pm: Lidstrom is quarterbacking the power play instead of Kronwall. I assume with the intermission coming up Babcock is double-shifting Lidstrom to try and finish it here.

11:11pm: Penalty on Sykora coming up. Clearly an even up call here. Terrible penalty call. But it is obviously a call to make up for the earlier two.

11:04pm: Datsyuk looks really, really tired out there.

10:59pm: Amazing save by Marc-Andre Fleury with his glove. Wow. Fleury has been out of his mind good tonight.

10:54pm: Ruutu does his best Zetterberg impression by ringing one off the post.

10:52pm: Zetterberg just misses a Cup winner with a shot off the crossbar.

10:51pm: Big stop by Osgood on a turn-around shot by Malkin.

10:49pm: Daniel Cleary makes a nice move around Tyler Kennedy and they called him for goalie interference. That is the second HORRIBLE goalie interference call. Relax!

10:45pm: Bob Cole just fell asleep…

10:39pm: CBC plays “These Eyes.” That wasn’t on the prediction list…

10:28pm: Some of the Wings look pretty tired which is moderately surprising because I haven’t seen someone roll four lines like Mike Babcock has since Lindsay Lohan entered rehab for the 12th time.

10:23pm: Bob Cole breaks out an “Oh my goodness.” It’s about time Bob! Looks like Zetterberg is getting a goalie interference penalty. He is. Big call there. I don’t like it. He was just going hard to the net. Garbage call.

10:19pm: Has NBC pre-empted the game yet to show the preview of the Belmont Stakes?????????

10:15pm: Lidstrom’s stickwork and his ability to get in the proper lane is the reason the Pens haven’t ended this game.

10:08pm: Big stop by Osgood on Evgeni Malkin. Is Jaarko Ruutu copying the intro of NHL08???

10:06pm: Holmstrom almost won the Cup for the Red Wings on a turn-around back-hand.

10:05pm: Jiri Hudler almost ends it on a scramble in front of the net.

10:03pm: Hal Gill with a massive hit at mid-ice on Valtteri Filpulla.

9:56pm: Here we go. And there we see Gary Roberts’ former teammate Gordie Howe.

9:42pm: Overtime on the way. If Detroit scores, it would be the first overtime goal, since Jason Arnott scored for NJ, to win the Cup.

9:39pm: Wow. Can you believe it? Talbot just tied the game with about 33 seconds remaining!!!!!

9:37pm: Why is Daryl Sydor on the ice?

9:32pm: Can we start a pool to predict what the final song by CBC will be? “Sometimes you can’t make it on your own”-U2, “Dream On”-Aerosmith, Anything by Daughtry….”Hero”-Chad Kroeger????????? I just want them to bring back “The Chance” (Here is “The Chance” link)

9:30pm: Phil Pritchard, the keeper of Lord Stanley’s Cup, has started polishing the trophy.

9:26pm: When will the CBC switch to the high camera because the fans won’t sit down? That’s a playoff staple with Wings games.

9:24pm: The Wings have taken control of this game. And the crowd is finally into it.

9:22pm: Rafalski just pops the 3-2 goal coming in from the point. Then CBC shows a garage in Newfoundland!!!! WOOOO! People in Newfoundland! Good times! Great pass on the goal from the Mule.

9:16pm: The game is tied after a gorgeous tip-in by Pavel Datsyuk. The two big stars come through when it counts. This should be a hell of a finish here…

9:13pm: Interference penalty on Tyler Kennedy. Let’s see if the Wings can get their power play going here…

9:12pm: What a stop by Fleury on a quick shot by Samuelsson. He has been sensational tonight.

9:07pm: That deke by Datsyuk didn’t go in, although everyone thought that it had. Give Bob Cole some credit, he called that from the outset.

9:05pm: Looks like the Wings may have separated Datsyuk and Zetterberg to start the period.

9:01pm: Canada has, and will continue, to apologize for the presence of Chad Kroeger on your radio.

9:00pm: Chad Kroeger puts on Wings jersey as CBC goes to break. If they show him again, I am switching to NHL radio with Sam Rosen.

8:58pm: Brian Burke interview!!! You can never beat this. He is more entertaining than the game. Seriously, I love watching this guy. Scott Oake conducts a terrific interview as per usual.

8:47pm: Second period is done. I can’t wait to see Hrudey and Simpson compare hairstyles during the After 40 minutes segment.

8:43pm: An amazing bodycheck by the referree. Whoa…Ryan Malone was just gushing blood. He took a shot in the face from Gill. Oh man. That was harsh. Gill isn’t exactly a “point man.”

8:41pm: Fleury makes a ridiculous save on a gorgeous 2-on-1. Wow! That was something else! Unreal stop by the young netminder.

8:40pm: Datsyuk pick-pockets Jordan Staal and comes in for a good chance but no cigar.

8:32pm: The game is starting to get a nice flow to it.

8:29pm: Crosby takes a high-sticking penalty then mouthes off Nicklas Lidstrom.

8:27pm: Has anyone seen Zetterberg and Datsyuk?????

8:20pm: Maltby gets called for interference. It was interference and Maltby only did it because he was angry. With that said, there is an argument that Maltby was kneed by Orpik.

8:16pm: Darren Helm brings the Wings back within one goal with a shot from the left hashmarks that is deflected off Rob Scuderi and goes through Fleury.

8:14pm: The atmosphere at the Joe is that of a regular season game. I can’t believe how many people still aren’t back in their seats. Hockeytown eh??????

8:13pm: Sidney Crosby almost pulls off a ridiculous goal.

8:12pm: Two good chances for the Pens. One bad play by Brad Stuart then a terrible giveaway by Dallas Drake. But, as Greg Millen just said, the Wings are still down two.

8:11pm: Second period is underway…

7:53pm: Pittsburgh has to be extremely happy with that first period. They would trade chances with Detroit all day if they could.

7:52pm: Crosby has a terrific chance in front but just misses the top corner with a backhand. Detroit is giving up way more odd-man chances than I’ve seen in a while.

7:49pm: Darren Helm misses the net on a breakaway. On another note, I’m wondering when Adam Hall became Dave Andreychuk?

7:44pm: Adam Hall somehow scores the 2nd goal of the game for Pittsburgh. I am not sure how that went in. Replay says: Kronwall roofed a perfect shot into his own net.

7:41pm: Zetterberg came in on a partial 2-on-1 and was stopped on Fleury’s glove side after a nice stick-handling display.

7:39pm: Anyone else think this game is really boring?

7:31pm: Hossa scores the first goal of the game. Hossa has been terrific to start the game; the goal demonstrates just how quick his hands are.

7:30pm: Greg Millen says Malkin looks confused on the ice. That means Malkin will score within the next ten minutes.

7:27pm: Detroit easily kills Pittsburgh’s short power play. One note: Malkin has been moved off the point and back up front on the PP.

7:23pm: Datsyuk gets a penalty for trying too hard in the corner. That was not a tripping penalty.

7:22pm: Too many men penalty for the Penguins. Great start for Pitts!

7:21pm: Tomas Holmstrom looks like he never left the front of the net.

7:19pm: That line leaves the ice and boom Brooks Orpik penalty.

7:18pm: Pittsburgh’s top-line has an impressive first shift–especially Marian Hossa.

7:14pm: Karen Newman is making many fans wish there was a second anthem for her to sing.

7:13pm: Prediction for tonight’s game: Detroit 3 Pittsburgh 2

7:09pm: CBC is interviewing the kids who laughed at Marc-Andre Fleury when he fell before Game 1 coming out of the dressing room.

7:05pm: Kelly Hrudey debuts his “summer-wear” (could that be Moore’s new spring line?)

7:03pm: Darren McCarty is expected to take a seat tonight with Tomas Holmstrom returning to the line-up.

7:02pm: Ron just recited 14 cliches in a row–that has to be a CBC record.

7:00pm: CBC “shockingly” decides to play Detroit Rock City as its opening theme music.