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Frozen Assets

Frozen Assets: SOL (Shootout Losses)

One of the most frustrating events for hockey bettors is when the team they bet on loses in a shootout. To be so close to winning and come away empty handed can drive a bettor crazy – after all even the team that loses gets something (a single point).

Who has been the best and worst teams in shootouts?

The Best (2008-2009)

Atlanta Thrashers 7-1

Surprisingly it is not Ilya Kovalchuk (1 goal in 5 shots) that leads the Thrashers in shootout goals. Vyacheslav Kozlov led the Thrashers with six goals in eight attempts.

New Jersey Devils 6-2

New Jersey has had success in the shootout because of its ability to put pucks behind opposing netminders as a team. New Jersey was 12/25 in the extra-extra frame despite having no players shooting over 50%.

Anaheim Ducks 7-3

Jonas Hiller was tops in the league at stopping pucks in the shootout. Hiller was 26/31 (.839) and was the major reason the Ducks won in the shootout 70% of the time.

The Worst

Tampa Bay Lightning 3-10

Not only were the Lightning the worst team in a shootout last year, they are already 0-4 this season in the shootout.

“It’s unacceptable,” said Lightning forward Steven Stamkos. “With the amount of skill we have, it’s just one of those things. There’s really no way to explain it. You have to score.”

In order for bettors to avoid the frustration of losing in a shootout, some sportsbooks offer lines that only include regulation. That way, if the game goes to overtime, at least you get your money back.