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Friday, July 8 Winnipeg Jets Morning Papers

Daily Gleaner:  Sunny skies now, but stiff NHL prices a bad omen for Jets.  These are not your Jets of the early/mid 90’s where revenue streams were limited to gate.  About the only “bad omen’ for the Jets would be a .60 cent Cdn dollar.

The Telegram:  Better get used to Ice Caps.  Which do you like better; St. John’s Ice Caps or St. John’s Jets?

Winnipeg Free Press:  Jet away to see the Jets.  Will arena be overrun with Jets fans in Jets jerseys for the October 15th home opener in Glendale?

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Winnipeg Sun:  Jets fans looking to fly south.  This won’t be limited to Jets fans heading to Phoenix.  You can bet that people are planning trips across North America to be able to see their Winnipeg Jets in action.

Around the NHL:

Sporting News:  Minnesota Wild owner hints at possible division alteration.  So we’d be giving up the Smythe for the Norris division.   I think Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford said it best;

“There’s some tinkering that could help realignment,” he said, before adding, “I’d like to play in a division with the weakest teams.”

NBC Sports:  City of Glendale’s Mayor:  “what would be like with no team in the arena?”I want to make a joke but it just isn’t funny anymore.