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Philadelphia Flyers

Flyers will look to mid-level free agent defensemen

From Ed Moran of the Philadelphia Daily News:

There will be some salary adjustments but not enough to go over the top as the Flyers did last summer. So they will look at the list of free agents in the midsalary range, including Colorado’s John-Michael Liles, Buffalo’s Dmitri Kalinin and Montreal’s Mark Streit.

“We’ll be right up against the upper limit of the cap,” Holmgren said. “But there are ways to be creative and we will look at those ways. We need to concentrate on ways to make our team better for next season.

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Liles and Streit may even be out of the Flyers’ price range as they will most likely command pretty hefty dollars on the market. I would expect the Flyers to sign a defenseman at around the $3-3.5 million range.