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Examining the Flyers’ goaltending woes for

Taking a closer look at the Flyers’ off-season goaltending options and the subsequent decision to sign the enigmatic Ray Emery, after the jump.

Many people think the Flyers have, once again, chosen the wrong man to sit between the pipes this season.  Did Paul Holmgren make the right decision considering his alternatives?  Or, did Holmgren choose far more risk than reward?

Here is an excerpt of my piece (ESPN Insider Required):

Before recently undergoing surgery, Emery posted 11 wins, 8 losses, 1 overtime loss, a .901 save percentage and a 2.83 G.A.A. Emery’s save percentage places him a measly 39th out of 46 eligible goaltenders in that respect. It would be easy to frown on such a performance and write off 2009-10 as another season in which the Flyers had the wrong man in the crease. However, closer examination shows Emery may in fact be the right man for the job. And when he returns, the Flyers still have a shot at the playoffs.

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