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Duvie Westcott Signs with Dinamo Riga

Former Blue Jackets defenseman Duvie Westcott, bought out this summer by Columbus, has signed with Dinamo Riga in the KHL.

Westcott was bought out of the final two years of his contract by the Blue Jackets this summer, meaning he’ll earn $600,000 plus from the Jackets over the next four years. He tried to get a one-way contract in the NHL, but found no takers.

Don’t know how much he’s making in Latvia, but he’s probably well compensated. He’s also surrounded with friends.

Former Blue Jackets forward Mark Hartigan, who won the Stanley Cup with Detroit in June, is off to Latvia, too. Westcott and Hartigan are best buddies from their St. Cloud State days. In fact, their summer homes are right next door in Minnesota.

Other players you may recognize on the team: Marcel Hossa, Ronald Petrovicky, Filip Novak.