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Dustin Byfuglien speaks about prospect of re-signing with Winnipeg

Byfuglien clarifies his comments from the All-Star game.

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Following the 5-3 loss to the Stars tonight Sara Orlesky of TSN asked Dustin Byfuglien about his All-Star comments which some in the national media took to mean he wasn’t overly excited at the prospect at being re-signed by the Jets.  While many of us around the team on a regular basis took it to as a player not giving up much in the way of a negotiation (or someone who isn’t usually very effusive in his comments to the media) others interpreted it differently.  Tonight he clarified his comments from the All-Star game and he was pretty unequivocal when asked “Would you like to re-sign in Winnipeg if all things were equal?”:

“Ya I would love to.  I’ve met a lot of good people and made some really good friends, I’ve been here a really long time.  You never want to leave home.  I’ve been here long enough, my family has been here and I’ve had two kids here.  It’s somewhere you don’t want to leave.”

Byfuglien post-game comments audio: