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Dreger Update: Indicates that Pierre-Luc Dubois prefers the L.A. option

Might be time to put those Habs PJs back in the drawer.

While reports on Monday were that the Habs had re-engaged the talks surrounding Pierre-Luc Dubois we get an update this morning from TSN insider Darren Dreger on the situation.

He said:

Indications are the Montreal Canadiens have tried to get back into the mix for Pierre-Luc Dubois, but haven’t been able to gain traction. Montreal has “future” assets, but Wpg needs NHL ready players. LA has that and it appears PLD prefers the LA option. Developing story.

Certainly a development that the centre prefers the Kings option. Perhaps the money worked (or those Cali temps) but sounds like it might be time to put the Habs PJs back into the drawer.

Further update from Dreger:

As we’ve been reporting, the PLD trade is complex. At this stage, Kings/Dubois talking extension. A Wpg sign and trade. It’s complicated because it has to work for both teams caps, including Winnipeg’s for the brief time he remains a Jet.

One more additional detail from Chris Johnston of TSN who indicates it will be an eight-year sign-and-trade deal for Dubois.

Another Dreger update on the cap and how Wheeler could be a factor:

“The PLD trade, technically, is a beast. All involved are still working on the contract extension. Because of cap issues, expect the Jets to make another move…likely buying out Wheeler. Still moving parts.”

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