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Buffalo Sabres

Drafting Tyler Myers

From John Vogl of the Buffalo News:

Two pieces of paper with names scribbled on them are the highlight of Darcy Regier’s 2008 NHL draft.

The Buffalo Sabres general manager coveted defenseman Tyler Myers, the 6-foot-7 defenseman who could fill several needs with one large appearance. But the Los Angeles Kings wanted a defenseman, too, and before they would swap spots with the Sabres, the teams had to make sure they didn’t desire the same prospect.

So Regier and the Kings’ draft head hastily wrote down their top prospects’ names. They made an agreement to show their papers at the same time. If the names were the same, the Kings were keeping the 12th overall pick. If the names were different, L. A. was canceling its deal with another team and would move down one spot to allow the Sabres to pick 12th.

Read the entire article here.

Always good to get a behind the scenes look at just how some things come to being on the draft floor.