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Anaheim Ducks

Don’t expect Burke to just give Schneider away

From Kevin Allen of USA Today:

Teams with cap space have begun to view that space as an asset to be utilized. Right now there are teams interested in Robert Lang or Anaheim Mathieu Schneider, for example because Anaheim needs to get under the cap, but they don’t want to give anything up because they view the Blackhawks or Ducks as being in trouble.

But knowing Burke as I do,  I would bet that he won’t give up Schneider unless he receives value in return. I would predict he would rather send a player down to the minors to get under the cap — maybe someone like Sean O’Donnell — rather than give up Schneider, a skilled defenseman for nothing. He might lose O’Donnell to waivers because of that, but that might be a chance he would willing to take.

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I agree with Allen’s take.  GMs are probably more likely to utilize their ability to send players to the minors in order to get below the cap instead of trading these players for discount prices.